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Our 2013/14 activities will be updated soon but include events in partnership with the British Council and Myanmar Ministry of Culture. They so far include:
National Theatre of Yangon, Free event in partnership with the British Council and Myanmar Ministry of Culture. 19/3/14. Audience numbers 1700. 

NCEL Yangon Free event, 12/3/14. Audience numbers 250.

Yangon University Arts Hall, Free event, 13/3/14. Audience number. 150.

2 recitals at International School Yangon (ISY), 12/3/14. Audience numbers 300.

Live4 Music gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the British Council, British Embassy and private donors for the 6,000 US dollar financial support of this project. Live4Music also gratefully acknowledges the in-kind support of the Myanmar Ministry of Culture.

Live4Music Activity Report 2011/2012

15th April 2012. Free concert at Burgh House, Hampstead, London NW3.
A free concert was organised and delivered by Live4Music, involving violinist and charity Secretary Sebastian See-Schierenberg, presenter and charity Chair Susana Galvan, and guest pianist Andrew Massey. The concert was advertised through a press release that appeared in the Camden New journal, as well as poster and flyer distribution. Entry was free and the event attracted many people from all age groups and backgrounds.

17th April. Free school concert at Godwin Junior School, Forrest Gate, London.
We arranged for Guildhall School of Music piano professor and soloist Noriko Ogawa to perform at the school to around 100 children. She performed music by Takemitsu (Rain Tree Sketch ll), Mozart and Piazzolla, accompanied by violinist Sebastian See-Schierenberg. The event was presented by British Council volunteer Susana Galvan who engaged the audience and encouraged them to discuss and describe the repertoire, ask questions about the instruments,  and talk about the world of music in general. Of the feedback collected all was very positive, both from staff and children, and we received an immediate invitation to return.

17th April. Special guest pianist Noriko Ogawa and the charity Secretary and Chair held a fundraising concert at the residence of Sir Vernon Ellis (Chair of the British Council and President of ENO) in aid of Live4Music. They raised over 2,000 pounds.

10th May. Concert at the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels.
Pianist Julian Jacobson  performed with Sebastian See-Schierenberg. Free tickets were distributed in partnership with the British Council offices in Brussels to young people from the area. Some tickets were sold at a subsidised price to the general public.

11th May. Concert at the Luxembourg Philharmonie, Luxembourg.
Pianist Julian Jacobson performed with Sebastian See-Schierenberg. Free tickets were distributed in partnership with the concert hall to the students of the Luxembourg University. A limited amount of tickets were sold at a subsidised price to the public.

30th June. Concert at the Berlin Konzerthaus, Germany.
Pianist Julian Jacobson performed with Sebastian See-Schierenberg. Free tickets were distributed to young people and school children in Berlin through the British Council and through an on-line service. Some tickets were sold at a subsidised price to the general public.

Feedback was collected for all these events through post event audience and student interviews. We used the information to measure how our activities were meeting our goals and discussed how we could incorporate the information to improve our delivery, format and content. As a result we have implemented changes to increase impact, reach,  and also cut costs.

Future activities 2013.
The committee decided in a general meeting that Live4Music should focus its activities in England, and specifically target young people and primary schools in low income areas, so as to achieve maximum impact in relation to the funding available, whilst  reducing travel and accommodation costs. Therefore all  projects from 2013 will be delivered in England. A list of these can be seen on the 'Upcoming Events' page.

Selected examples of Past Education Events 
International Live Streaming Recital - 11 March 2010
This project was a collaboration between the Department of Technology of CESAG University which is part of the University of the Balears in Spain, Susana Galvan from the British Council and Sebastian See-Schierenberg.  Our aim was to find the meeting point between technology, artistic performance, and worldwide social interaction. Our end result was the educoncerts.orgproject.
Through this project, violinist Sebastian See-Schierenberg and Susana Galván, acting as concert presenter, brought their unique and highly acclaimed presented recitals to universities and schools globally via live broadcast to a live streaming website.
The concert took place on 11th March 2010 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain to a live audience of 1,000 children. In addition, thousands of young people from schools and universities from Spain, Japan, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries joined and participated through the live streaming website. 15 partner schools were recruited by Susana Galvan through British Council contacts from her work as Education Specialist in Asia.
Galvan is fluent in Spanish and Mandarin and therefore the presentation was given in English, with sections in Spanish and Mandarin.
The concert was filmed and was made available on-line.

Free presented recital at INTI University Malaysia.
Susana Galvan and Sebastian See-Schierenberg, accompanied by Spanish pianist Alfredo Oyaguez, gave a free public presented recital atINTI University College, Malaysia, on 30 May 2009. The event was attended by over 600 guests, which included students, staff, VIPs as well as members of the media.
Our contact was  Dr Lee, President of INTI, as well as Patricia Ong and Clarissa Egbert.

Concert at the Singapore Esplanade:
Violinist Sebastian See-Schierenberg and concert presenter Susana Galván worked in collaboration with guest pianist Alfredo Oyaguez, this time to bring their unique and highly acclaimed presented recitals for the first time to Singapore.
The trio performed at the iconic Esplanade on 7 January 2010, where a warm and diverse audience received their performance with great enthusiasm. We distributed free tickets to students of NAFA school of arts.
The concert was funded by INTI Education Group.

Masterclass and concert tours of Taiwan, Malaysia , and Brunei. 2009 and 2010
Various free concerts, events, and  violin and piano masterclasses were devised and delivered by Sebastian See-Schierenberg (violin), Alfredo Oyaguez (piano), and Susana Galvan (presenter) in schools, Universities and concert venues throughout the 3 Asian countries.

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